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The magnificent home that stands at what is now known as 450 Pape Avenue, Toronto is the second house to stand on this piece of property.  The first home, known originally as 392 Robinson Road, then 392 Pape Avenue, was inhabited by the William Harris family from 1869-1899 - it is thought that this home was constructed on the South end of the property closer to Gerard Street.

In 1898 William commissioned the prominent architect, Henry Simpson, to design and build the current structure on the northern section of the original land parcel. Originally this land was leased to William Harris from 1869 to about 1888 by James Pape.  From 1888 onwards it is apparent that William Harris did own the property.  In 1930 the property was purchased by the Salvation Army for use as a Bethany Home - currently they still own the property.

Attempts were made in 2005 to get this home nominated as a Heritage property...for reasons unknown to this writer the nomination did not happen.  In June 2009 the Salvation Army put the house on the market for 2.5 million dollars .  Unable to find a suitable buyer this price dropped to 1.9 million dollars by June 2010. On June 22, 2010 the first effort to designate the home was heard at city hall - the issue was tabled until their next meeting on August 17, 2010.  On this day presentations were heard from 5 individuals/societies that were key in deciding the fate of the house.  My family owes these people and the organizations they represent many thanks in helping to obtain Heritage Status for 450 Pape Avenue.  Currently, the City of Toronto has approved funding to purchase the property as affordable housing for local artists.  This decision has proved to be a controversial decision - as of August 29 no formal transaction has occurred with regards to the actual purchase of the home.  Articles regarding the events (positive & negative) that have transpired since Heritage Status was obtained can be read by following the links at the bottom of this page - more will be added as they are published.

Along with myself (representing the
Harris & Associated Families), listed below are the people (and their organizations) that comprised the team that finally achieved Heritage status for 450 Pape Avenue - We all thank you for saving our primary ancestral home/property!

Valerie Andrews - Origins Canada (link at bottom of this page)
Gerald Whyte - Riverdale Historical Society
Nich Shcherban - Riverdale Community Safety Association
Gina Athanasiou - Keller Williams Realty

To see and learn more about this house, its history, current issues and the family that lived within on this property for 60 years, please read and view the information presented on this website.

Thank You;

James F. Harris
1902-1912 Images
How The Home Appeared From 1902-1912
How The Home Appears Recently
2002-2009 Images
Thank You To All For Your Support!!
Jim Harris - August 29, 2010
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If you were an expectant Mother that ever resided within, or you were born at 450 Pape Avenue and you seek more information about your child/parents please click on either of the logos to the left/right to be redirected to an agency that specializes in this area
Origins Canada
Origins Canada
Intention to Designate Report
To view a CBC Documentary entitled "The 40 Year Secret" featuring 450 Pape Avenue (while a Bethany House) focusing on the Adoption Industry, click on the logo below:
CBC - Forty Year Secret
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"East York Mirror/Inside Toronto" Article - Written by Danielle Milley on August 27, 2010

"Open File" Article - Written by Janet Money on August 26, 2010

"Toronto Sun" Article (re. council funding approval to purchase) - Written by Jonathan Jenkins on August 27, 2010

"Toronto Sun" Article (re. controversy surrounding council funding approval to purchase) - Written by Joe Warmington on August 28, 2010

Tor Sun Front Page-Aug 28 2010
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The Front Page of the Saturday, August 28, 2010 Toronto Sun Featuring the "William Harris House/Cranfield Manor" - Image Accompanies article surrounding  ownership controversy.
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