This Project Would Not Have Been Possible Without the Contributions, Information, Support and Guidance of the Following Individuals/Families/Societies - My Deepest Thanks To All of You...
- Contributors Who Are No Longer With Us -
Their Memories, Stories & Lives Form the Foundations of This Project
Frank Granger Harris 1928-2007
June Margaret (Dudley) Harris 1929-2004
Margaret (Harris) Salvador 1914-2007
John Elgin Harris 1929-2002
James Ross Harris 1931-1992
Frederick William Harris 1935-2010
Frederick Joseph (Joe) Harris 1956-2010
May Duckworth 1892-1981
Leone (Harris) Humphries 1902-1988
Joan (Harris) Macrae 1925-2006
Jean (Harris) Horne 1913-2007
Jane (Jean) Harris 1880-1965
Jane (Barnard) Harris 1827-1895
The Primary Research & General "Inspiration" Crew From 2001 - Present
The Late Frank Harris
The Late Joan (Harris) Macrae
The Late Margaret (Harris) Salvador

Carla Salvador
Stephen Harris & Josie Gallo
Peggy (Harris) Hopkinson
Mary (Henderson) Finnegan
Me (Jim Harris)
Archive Donors & Information Re. William Harris & Associated Families Descent
Wagstaff/King/Brockwell/James Harris Families

Bill Humphries
Mary Finnegan
Jini Liljeqvist
Brian Rollason
Jim Kammer

Sillcox/Edna M. Harris Family

Bob Sillcox & Family
Joe Pitkin
Dorothy Darlington & Family
Amy Bridge
Bill Whittemore
Alice Cutler

Fleury/ Nellie Harris Family

Susan Pearson
Paul Bosy
Linda Yates

Beesley/W.T. Harris Family

The Late Jean (Harris) Horne
Richard Horne
Katherine (Horne) Lalonde
Bill & Pat Harris Family

Quirmbach (Quentin)/Caroline Harris Family

Kelly Whaley
Carol Anne Wright
Gordon Laxer
Linda Hutcheson

Hill/Margaret Harris Family

Nancy Hill
Susan Holladay
Leslie Hill
Jane Sutherland
Don Hill
Jane Corke

Corrigan/Joseph Harris Family

The Late Joan (Harris) Macrae
Robert & Lucille Harris
The Macrae Family
Lisa Morriss-Andrews

Dickinson/Hoskin/Perkin/Brown/Frank George Harris Families

The Late Margaret (Harris) Salvador
The Late Frank Harris
Carla Salvador
Harris Armstrong & Family
Margaret Lake
Margaret (Harris) Hopkinson
The Late Fred W. Harris
Stephen Harris
Margaret Birch
Lois Wright
Karen Allen
Murray Mackey
Jeanette (Holgate) Bury
Reggie Harris
Archive Donors & Information Re. British & Australian Rooted Families
Owen, Cohen, McAskil & Harris Family
(Australia/New Zealand)

Lori Hudson & the Hudson Family
Tony Cohen
Robert Wuchatsch

Dudley & Fulbrook Family - U.K.

The Late June (Dudley) Harris
Pamela Daniels
Katherine Papageorgiou

Richardson, Millard & Tipler U.K. Descent Families (including Ellingham & Denton)

Alan Hartell
Alec Heath
Barbara Leigh
Bill Marsh (Burridge Family)
Jan Broderick
Jan Maietta
Paul Tipler (Tipler Family)
Kim Russell (Bruton Family)
Shirley Townsend
Jeff Cutts (Millthorpe Family)
Eileen Beech (Millthorpe Family)
Archive Donors & Information Re. Harris Family - British Rooted
Shirley Baker (John Harris & Elizabeth Hillson)
Linda Nygard (Thomas Harris Family)
Archive Donors & Information Re. Blong & MacDonald Families
Charles DeGruchy
Archive Donors & Information Re. Canadian/European History in General
Carla Salvador & Bob Sillcox (for all their knowledge about everything generally)
Joanne Doucette (Leslieville History)
Gerald Whyte (Author/Riverdale Historical Society)
Ron Fletcher (Author/Riverdale Historical Society)
Diana Fancher (Author/West Toronto Junction Historical Society)
Rick Schofield (Scarborough Historical Society)
Angus Skene (Toronto Star)
Mike Filey (Journalist/Author)
Peter Hvidsten (Scugog History)
The Toronto Public Library
Bedfordshire Family History Society
Supportive & Helpful People That Make Life So Much Easier Generally

Frances (my wife)
Alex (my son)
Huey Harris (my late dog of 15 yrs.)
Jay,  Reggie, Wendy & Nils
Dorothy Darlington
Bob Sillcox & Family
The Information That This Project is Based On Is Largely Derived From The Archives Of These Individuals & Their Families
Margaret (Harris) Salvador & May Duckworth (Duckie) Archives

Courtesy of Carla Salvador
Margaret & May's Archives Include:  Dickinson, Hoskin, Brown, Perkin & Harris Family Information & the Distinct Surnames Associated With These Families

Leone (Harris) Humphries Archives

Courtesy of W.B.G. Humphries
Leone's Archives Include: Wagstaff & Harris Family Information & the Distinct Surnames Associated With These Families

Frank Granger Harris & John Dickinson Harris Archives

Courtesy of James Harris
Archives Include: Dickinson, Granger & Harris  Family Information & the Distinct Surnames Associated With These Families

Robert Sillcox Archives

Courtesy of Robert Sillcox
Robert's Archives Include: Sillcox, Parker & Harris Family Information & the Distinct Surnames Associated With These Families

Dorothy Darlington Archives

Courtesy of Dorothy Darlington
Dorothy's Archives Include:  Sillcox, Darlington, Harris, Brown & Parker Family Information & the Distinct Surnames Associated With These Families

Grace (Harris) Armstrong Archives

Courtesy of Margaret (Armstrong) Lake & Harris Armstrong
Grace's Archives Include: Harris, Armstrong, Dickinson, Hoskin & Perkin Family Information & the Distinct Surnames Associated With These Families

June (Dudley) Harris & Pamela (Dudley) Daniels Archives

Courtesy of Pamela Daniels & James Harris
June & Pam's Archives Include: Dudley, Fulbrook, Harris & Brearley Family Information & the Distinct Surnames Associated With These Families

Joan (Harris) Macrae Archives

Courtesy of the Late Joan Macrae
Joan's Archives Include: Harris, Barnard, Richardson, Millard, Millthorpe, Ellingham, Macrae, Quentin & Corrigan Family Information & the Distinct Surnames Associated With These Families

Mary (Henderson) Finnegan Archives

Courtesy of Mary Finnegan
Mary's Archives Include: Harris & Wagstaff Family Information & the Distinct Surnames Associated With These Families

Others Who Possess & Have Provided Archival Information

Jan Broderick
Mary Harris (John B. Harris Family)
Gerald Whyte
Kim Russell
Nancy Hill
Susan Holladay
Brian Rollason
Jeanette (Holgate) Bury
Ancestral, Historical & Early Toronto Business Information Sources
Genes Reunited
Toronto Public Library Archives
Riverdale Historical Society
West Toronto Junction Historical Society
Scarborough Historical Society
Bedfordshire Family History
"A History of the Danforth in Pictures"
By: Barbara Myrvold - Toronto Public Library Press

"West Toronto Junction Revisited"
By: Diana Fancher

"Toronto To 1918"
By: J.M.S. Carless

John Ross Robertson
(Pretty Much Everything He Ever Wrote)

"Over the Don"
By: Ron Fletcher

"Remembering the Don"
By: Charles Sauriol

"Red Diaper Baby"
By: James Laxer

"The Story of Our Products"
By: Canada Packers Limited

"This Packing Business"
By: Canada Packers Limited

"Annual Financial Review - 1928"
By: The Toronto Stock Exchange

"A Memoir of Leslieville From 1866-1900"
By: George Brockwell King

"The 3 Page Harris/Barnard Family History
By: Jane (Barnard) Harris (about 1885)

The "Globe & Mail" Archives

"The Toronto Star" Archives

"The Toronto Telegram"
(Via the T.P.L. Microfiche Archive)

Margaret (Harris) Salvador's "Birthday Book"

May (Duckie) Duckworth's "Birthday Book"
Primary Reference Materials Used to Compile Information
My Deepest Apologies If I Have
Forgotten You or Your Organization..

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My Respect & Thanks To Everyone Who Has Been a Part of This Wonderful Project!!